Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import projects created in Storyline into Adobe Captivate 9?

You can import content from a variety of formats, including image formats (PSD, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF and POT), sound formats (MP3 and WAV), and popular animation and video formats (SWF, FLV with metatags, AVI, and MOV).

Do I require special training to be able to use Adobe Captivate 9?

With new Adobe Captivate 9 you can create virtually any kind of aesthetically attractive and instructionally sound eLearning. Go seamlessly from storyboarding to responsive eLearning and everything else in-between using a single easy-to-use tool. Dip into the exclusive 25,000+ asset store to enrich your content. Enjoy the power of being able to create amazing courses that run seamlessly across desktops and mobile devices.

How do I preview content for different devices using Adobe Captivate 9?

Author as you always have—content rearranges itself for the new tablet and mobile views. Tweak content for a specific device, and use the in-product preview to see how your project will appear on various screens using five breakpoints. Publish as a single project and automatically deliver the most appropriate experience for your learner’s device.

Can I publish to Video (MP4) / upload to YouTube?

Adobe Captivate 9 lets you publish your projects as MP4 files by choosing any of the following presets:

  • Smart devices such as iPad and iPhone
  • YouTube formats such as YouTube Widescreen HD and YouTube Widescreen SD
  • Any other custom settings

What are the new features in Adobe Captivate 9?

Adobe Captivate 9 now lets you convert your ideas into storyboards complete with eLearning elements. Draw on the newly minted library of 50,000+ assets including games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, people cutouts, and much more, to dress up your courses. For a list of all features click here

How does Adobe Captivate 9 compare with other rapid eLearning authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline?

Adobe Captivate 9 lets you create responsive eLearning without programming. Create storyboards in minutes using Adobe Captivate Draft – a free iPad app, import them into Adobe Captivate 9 and publish, to seamlessly generate responsive projects. Take your content from drab to fab with the help of 50,000+ free assets including games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, people cutouts, and much more.

Can I import Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, and 2013 projects into Adobe Captivate 9?

Yes. You can import projects created in PowerPoint 2010, and 2013. You can also edit PowerPoint content in Adobe Captivate, add interactive elements, and publish to desktop, web, mobile devices, and LMSs such as Adobe Captivate Prime.

Is Adobe Captivate 9 available for Mac OS?

Yes. Adobe Captivate 9 is available for Mac OS X v10.10.3, running on a multicore Intel processor, and on iOS 8.3 (for iPad).

Is Adobe Captivate 9 available on a subscription basis?

You can buy an annual subscription for as little as US$29.99/month. It gives you ongoing access to the software as well as access to all upgrades at no additional charge as long as your subscription remains active.

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